Wow, It’s Been A While…


That’s really about all I can say at this point, honestly. I never meant to be so silent for so long, but that’s what happened because life likes to be difficult.

I’ve been in the process of job hunting, which is never, ever fun and always, always a pain. Then I took on NaNoWriMo for the first time (and no, I didn’t win. More on this at a later date). The holidays came along and ate my life as well, so here we are.

As 2016 kicks off, I’ve made a promise to myself to be far better about actually been active here and writing. After all, if I want people to read my blog, I should probably give them something to read, right?

So, I’m doing that. I’m gonna keep on keeping on.

Shortly (in a few days, perhaps?), there will be a post on books that need a second read before you actually like them. I’m working on a few other things as well – a post about a book I’d been avoiding for years but finally read and also a review of Katarina Bivald’s The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend, which I finished last year.

Most likely, while I continue book reviews and posting about books in general, I’ll also go into my own writing process and my trials and tribulations. Right now, I’m about 35,000 or so words into a novel. Only about 50,000 left to go!

So this is me saying mea culpa for the radio silence and promising that I’ll be better.